Sometimes you need to hole up and lick your wounds

In general, I’m an advocate of the “YES” principle (also known in my world as “JUMP”).  I’m a risk-taker.  I push myself.  I want to try new things, hard things, scary things.  I’m not crazy or an adrenaline junkie.  Instead, I believe in forward motion and growth rather than stagnation or withering.

Except right now… I’m curling up in my den and licking my wounds.

Over the weekend, my family was a serious car wreck.  We were in a series of blind S-curves when a car blasted toward us half-way into our lane.  My husband had a split second to try and get us out of the way, and a likely front-end collision turned into more of a side blow, taking out the rear tire and axel.  Somehow we all walked away from a car that is likely totalled.

We humans have this remarkable capacity to forget.  We forget pain.  We forget fear.  We forget that every second of every day we balance on a well-honed edge between life and death.  Remembering takes me out at the knees, steals my breath, pummels me with the echo of loss.

I know I’ll come up swinging again, but today–and for as many days as it takes–I’m burrowing in and tending to some gashes.




4 thoughts on “Sometimes you need to hole up and lick your wounds

  1. When I saw what had happened, I nearly panicked. Once I saw that you and yours were okay, the panic receded only so far as to burn little holes in my belly. I am so grateful for what’s-his-face’s good reaction time and that everyone is still intact. If I was there I’d make you cherry cobbler. 🙂

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