Anatomy of a Pandemic

From malaria in ancient Egypt to the Black Death in the Middle Ages to the recent H1N1 scare, pandemics — infections that spread widely and infect many people – have plagued humans for thousands of years.  Literally!  And their effects have been dramatic and widespread.

        • The conquest of the indigenous people in North, Central, and South America would probably not have been possible without small pox brought by Europeans.
        • Ring Around the Rosy, a gentle nursery rhyme, tells a tale of the bubonic plague.
        • Acts of bioterrorism such as the anthrax scare of 2011 are attempts to engineer pandemics and thus create widespread panic and disarray.

Who would have thought that so much trouble could be caused by microscopic organisms like bacteria, virus, fungi, and protozoans?

With engaging text and full-color photo illustrations, ANATOMY OF A PANDEMIC (Capstone Press, 2011) explores the hideous history of global disease, the biology of infectious agents, the role of evolution in pandemics, and the scientists, doctors, and organizations dedicated to keeping us well and healthy.

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