Fist Pump! I’ve been lucky in love and reading

I went through a long stretch of books that were… meh… okay.  I was desperate for a book that would woo me and win me, a book I could love.  Since I’m a smarty, I checked in with my librarian buddies.  (They know all!)  Erin F-B shoved (metaphorically speaking) the first winner on my list.

Now I’m six for six with brilliant books, many of which I’ve gushed about here, but I thought it might amuse you to see the list and know where the recommendations came from.  (As you may know, a recent study showed that the primary way people find new books to read is through the recommendations of others.)

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS was in my TBR pile but was bumped to the top by Erin F-B.

CODE NAME VERITY also got pimped by Erin F-B, and at the launch of DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE, Laini Taylor said it was one of the best books she’d read all year.

AMERICAN GODS is not new but I’ve got this secret desire to be Neil Gaiman when I grow up and I was going on vacation and thought maybe I should branch out of kid lit a bit and then I saw a string of random tweets about the book…

IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS is the newly released psychological thriller by my friend, Cat Winters.  I’ve been waiting eagerly for it and snatched up my copy at her Powell’s book launch.  It’s creeptastically wonderful and haunting.

THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN was book talked by Milly S., the librarian at my kids’ school.  Both of them came home demanding that I buy it immediately.  My son read it first and then promptly removed the book in my hands and replaced it with this gem.

WONDER was a read-aloud in my son’s class so he and his amazing teaching Ms. T get credit for this one.

And in case any of you were curious… yes, I am still trying to finish MOBY DICK.


One thought on “Fist Pump! I’ve been lucky in love and reading

  1. Apparently I now need to put American Gods (PLEASE tell me it’s on audio and read by NG himself) and In the Shadow of Blackbirds on my list 🙂

    Thanks for the props. Now I’ve got to find another really good one for you!! Will get right on that, but man that bar is high after my last two!

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