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UNWIND by Neal Shusterman kept me up way too late last night. Disturbed my dreams.


Scriva Michelle suggested that I read UNWIND because Neal Shusterman uses multiple third person POVs and I’m working on a similar approach for Angel Punk.  (For more on Scriva assigned reading, click here.)

Wow.  I had to say it again.

First, reading it made me feel good about my POV decisions in Angel Punk.

Second, I have never read a dystopian novel with such a novel premise (not class warfare, not zombie virus, not environmental collapse).

Third, kudos to a writer who’s willing to take on an explicitly political (and explosive) topic (prolife/choice) in a young adult novel.

Fourth, double kudos to him for never, ever taking the easy/expected way for his characters.  How brilliantly he puts them in the vise and squeezes them tight.

I’m impressed.  I’m inspired.  And yes, I’m deeply disturbed.

P.S.  The Bookshelves of Doom were also overwhelmed with wows upon reading UNWIND.  Bet you will be too.