Write Fast, Write Slow, Write True

You know those writers–the ones who finish drafts in six weeks, who revise in a week, who pump out three books a year.  I’m betting that you also know the other ones–writers on the ten year plan.

I am not those writers.  And I am on deadline.  I want to revise faster, but what I want is irrelevant.  I write as fast as I write.  I revise much more slowly.  No amount of goal-setting or chocolate-bribing or self-flagellation gets me moving faster.

Over the years I have become a smarter, more efficient writer and that does speed my output a bit.  But it’s time to face facts.  I write like I hike–steadily, strongly, and at a medium pace.

This picture shows me having fun.   Yes, I’m spending seven days in the wilderness.  Yes, I alternate between carrying that behemoth of a pack and paddling across lakes.  Yes, I’m carrying half my body weight.

I’m always the last one across the portage.  And that’s okay.  Because I get there.  I go strong for a long time.  And–in case you forgot–I carry half my body weight.

Find your pace.  Respect it.  Ignore the fast ones.  Send chocolate to the slow.

Au large!