Be All There

Sometimes I hit social media like a rat hits a pleasure bar. Treat me. Treat me. Lots of uncertainty in my life these days. I blogged about it here and here. I turn to Facebook and Twitter hoping for something funny, something sweet, connection, and I confess, a bit of validation.

The result… I struggle to get into the flow space I need for writing to be fun and fluid and fast. I march. I drudge. I write the words and meet the goals. But it doesn’t feel good. To get the writer’s high, I need to really be in the story not grubbing around online hoping someone will tell me I’m smart and cute.

So here’s the reminder… for myself and for you.



3 thoughts on “Be All There

  1. Nice Web page……..beautifully done, Dr. Daughter, Amber.

    I am very, very proud of you for all of your great accomplishments!!!!!!
    “The Way Back from Broken” should be a “hot seller” !!!!
    Love you, love you, love you

    1. Thanks for this. Writing is such a solitary sport. It’s really hard to resist that pleasure bar. Or maybe I just need to hit a different bar……? 😉

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