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Play + Movement + Service + Friends = HAPPY (the movie)

I know I blog a lot about being angsty.  I like to rely on Ralph Keyes assessment that if you’re not a bit angsty and anxious, you’re not much of a writer, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to feel better a lot of the time. Hence, I paid careful attention to HAPPY, the movie.

You should watch this.


It summarizes several decades of “positive psychology” aka happiness and yields some serious gold.

About 50% of happiness can be explained by genetics. That means each of us have a set point that has a strong genetic component.  I get that my set point for happiness is lower than that of say my uber-exercising, perennially-positive editor friend (you know who you are).  I can deal with that.

About 10% of happiness (ONLY 10%!!!!!!!!) can be explained by wealth, health, and success.

The other 40% — well, it’s up to us.

And apparently the formula is simple.  Play + Movement + Service + Friends = HAPPY

Who’s with me?