The Curious Garden by Peter Brown @itspeterbrown

Today I read Peter Brown’s delightful book to my son’s class.  I told them there was a curious garden quite close to our school.  They made me promise to take some pictures.

I’ve always been fascinated by how quickly nature overwhelms our puny human structures once we get out of the way.  This bridge is a case in point.

In the story, Liam helps his garden transform an entire city.  I love it!


One thought on “The Curious Garden by Peter Brown @itspeterbrown

  1. My six-year-old is in love with this book! His kindergarten teacher recently read it to the class. I knew I should have bought a copy a few years ago when we heard Peter talk. I loved it then too, but my budget was really tight. I am definitely buying a copy now, though not an autographed one, unfortunately. Maybe I will hear Peter again someday and can get it signed…

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