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Snook Alone by Marilyn Nelson & Timothy Basil Ering

If you don’t know the work of Timothy Basil Ering, you should.  I would buy anything he’s worked on.  My love of Frog Belly Rat Bone is profound!  So that said, even if the reviews of Snook Alone hadn’t been spectacular, I would have bought it.

And this book… ah… it sings, it philosophizes, it scrabbles in the sand, it sniffs it’s own butt.  And I love all of it.  I could not pick favorite bit, but listen to this:

Snook curled in the farthest corner
and watched all night.
In the silence, he listened.
The wind was his breathing.
The waves were his breath.

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown @itspeterbrown

Today I read Peter Brown’s delightful book to my son’s class.  I told them there was a curious garden quite close to our school.  They made me promise to take some pictures.

I’ve always been fascinated by how quickly nature overwhelms our puny human structures once we get out of the way.  This bridge is a case in point.

In the story, Liam helps his garden transform an entire city.  I love it!