It’s my birthday and I want…

It’s my birthday.  I’m 41.  And I want…

… to keep taking risks (like jumping off rocks at Pen Lake this summer).
… to maintain my health so that flying leaps are always a possibility.
… to write words that turn into stories that turn into books that find readers.
… to be present for my family (even when sometimes I have to shut them out to write those words).
… to remember that time is a construct–there’s plenty of it for what’s important.
… to give compassion to others and myself.
… to embrace incongruities.
… to make the world a better place in my small way.

And I really want a nice led headlamp.  A girl has needs!  Eat a piece of cake for me today.  We deserve it!



3 thoughts on “It’s my birthday and I want…

  1. Happy birthday, Amber! I just ate a big piece of cheese cake before reading your post. Now I’m feeling much better about it. I didn’t even know it until now, but I ate it for you! Have a wonderful day…

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