Do you write kidlit? See what joining SCBWI-National can do for you!

This past weekend I was lucky enough to meet Lin Oliver and Steve Mooser, the founders of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, at a regional SCBWI conference.

SCBWI is a very unusual professional organization because it serves both amateur/new writers and illustrators as well as established professionals, which means SCBWI wears a lot of hats.

In one session, Lin Oliver talked about all the things that SCBWI does for writers and illustrators.  The list was incredible–especially if you consider that membership is only $70 a year.  FYI this is a blatant (albeit unsolicited) promotional blog that urges, insists, and shoves you toward joining SCBWI if you haven’t already.

Why you ask?  Well…

1.  You’ll have access to a bunch of publications that demystify the publishing process, detail what various publishing houses and editors are looking for, guide you to book fairs, agents, and educational publishers, and articles about every aspect of the business.

2.  You can network through discussion boards, newsletters, conferences, and critique groups.

3.  Published authors and illustrators can participate in book launch parties, blog tours, speakers bureaus, and marketing collectives.

4.  There is a dedicated staff committed to your success as a creative person.

5.  You’ll find your people both regionally and around the world.  That’s priceless!

So get to it!  Join the fun!


5 thoughts on “Do you write kidlit? See what joining SCBWI-National can do for you!

  1. I missed the session but my friend, first timer, went and because of Lin, she is becoming a member. WOOT!
    Thanks for the information.

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